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Mentally Friendly

Designing for Better Mental Health



Every week, more than 46,000 Australians use Medicare-funded mental healthcare through the Better Access program.

Despite an increase in the number of people accessing treatment for mental health, research shows that levels of psychological distress in the community have not changed, and most alarmingly, suicide rates are on the rise.

So, how might we design digital health products that complement existing treatment pathways and improve outcomes?

How can we connect these products with public policy to drive iterative feedback loops and create a system that can be personalised to every individual's changing needs?

While Australia's mental health system is very well-funded and has seen positive results; some voices are calling for extensive reform to the Better Access program.

It is our belief that design should play a pivotal role in helping Government and individuals get more value out of the current mental health system, avoiding potentially large scale, costly changes.


Director: Jim Wild
DP: Miguel Martin
Production: Undefine & Giant Dwarf
Editing/Post: Miguel Martin


Dr Mark Deady
Research Fellow, Black Dog Institute

Professor Maree Hackett
Mental Health Program Head, The George Institute

Robert Koch
Design Lead, Mentally Friendly

Laura Ryan (Chair)
Strategy Director, Mentally Friendly

Nick Gower (Compare)
Product Director, Mentally Friendly

Recorded live at Giant Dwart Theatre, Redfern