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Mish Mash Radio Ensemble Live Sessions 001

Mish Mash Radio Ensemble


Live Sessions #001

Triple J Unearthed artist Mish was kind enough to drop by and kick off our inaugural Undefine LIVE studio session.

He laid down two tracks, one being a unreleased exclusive Mish is working on, and a live version of “Falling For You” from his 2019 EP - Apple Trees.

Enjoy his lush sonic vibes and spacey dreamlike beats.


Born in a romantic cubby house, in a small town just outside of Delhi, India, MishMish began his life soaking up the monsoon rains in Ghaziabad and sending paper sailboats down the long and windy gutters of his hometown imagining the stories of the ships captains and the future of his ships wild and wonderful journey.

MishMish builds a world of dreams through music, soft poetry and synth pop abstracted melodies. Music and lyrics are a vital way MishMish tells his story, of a life from its very beginnings that was simple and beautiful.

His wildly adventurous and ambitious Uncle opened MishMish up to the outside world, sending candies and cassettes all the way from Russia. This very Uncle also gifted Mish’s family a guitar and at the tender age of 5 MishMish found his voice through song, this guiding light became instrumental in shaping his love for music. Entrepreneurial by nature, MishMish collected his favourite songs sent through the clouds by his Uncle from the lands beyond Mother India and created mixtapes for his friends - music provided an exciting and complex window into the far and distant world and it was so wonderful to imagine what that world may look like.

Read in full at https://www.triplejunearthed.com/artist/mish-mash-radio-ensemble


Engineering: Jim Wild
Location: Undefine Studio
Recorded: 06/09/19


Music: Ankit Mishra (2019)
Koala Lama Records